Check my property address

The address of a property is increasingly becoming a very important issue. More organisations, postal and emergency services and the general public need an efficient means of locating and referencing properties.

If a property is not "registered" through the street naming and numbering process it will not appear on the main address database and the owner/occupier will encounter difficulties in obtaining mail, goods and services. Individuals should not allocate their own house numbers or building names.

You can find out if your address has been registered from either your postcode or your street

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To the best of our knowledge, address information held about your property is accurate. If you think it isn't please contact Address Management on 01942 489115 and we will correct it.

To register a property address complete the online application form

If you can find you address but it does not exist in other organisations systems or webpages then this is the responsibility of that organisation. Regrettably the Council are not in control of and cannot update address data in private third party systems.


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