Details for Claim for Marshall Street/Leigh Sports Village

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Details for Marshall Street/Leigh Sports Village
File Reference 5-19-63 Leigh
Title Marshall Street/Leigh Sports Village
Effect Of Application Addition of Footpaths in the area
Applicant Mr A Whittle
Applicant Address 33 Alderley Lane Leigh
Date Application Received 31/07/1999
Path No
Start Coordinates Easting,Northing (Latitude,Longitude) 364848, 399405 (53.490215, -2.531171)
End Coordinates Easting,Northing (Latitude,Longitude) 364379,400854 (53.503206,-2.538406)
District Leigh
Date Determined 11/03/2015
Determination Date
Application Status Resolved
Notes Addition of a number of footpaths on Leigh Sports Village site. Claimed routes have been accommodated through the infrastructure proposals with the Leigh Sports Village development
Schedule 14
Decision Made

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