Supplementary Faith Request Form for Wigan Catholic Primary Schools

Parents who have named a Wigan Catholic Primary School as one of their three preferences on their home authority application form are advised to complete and submit this supplementary information form to support their application. This information will be shared with the Wigan Catholic Primary School(s) you have named as a preference.

Your child's details




If yes, please state parish of baptism and date (see Note 1)

In which parish do you now live? (see Note 1)

If your child is not a baptised Catholic, please state to which denomination or faith, if any, your child belongs (see Note 2)


  1. Evidence of Baptism - Catholic
    If you are applying for a Catholic primary school evidence of baptism will be required if your child is offered a place.
  2. Evidence of Faith Group membership
    If you are applying for a Catholic school and want to be considered under the relevant criterion as an other than Catholic Christian please state your Christian denomination. Proof of Baptism in the form of a Baptismal Certificate or confirmation in writing that your child is a member of a faith community by an appropriate Minister of Religion will be requested by the school if your child is offered a place.



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